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Very nice start as it is, waiting for more! 

I like the graphic style. Hope to have a good future scenario.

Hey there! Thank you, Im glad you liked it! 

Hope I won't disappoint ;)

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Nice proof of concept

I like the visuals overall

I have a few issues with the combat, mainly the fact that there is only a single target attack, but there are many enemies and they multiply rapidly. The combat gets tedious early on because of that. It is also strange that when I am surrounded by 4 enemies, the enemies take turns attacking, it seems like if I am surrounded I should be at a greater disadvantage

For strategic reasons it would be nice to see my hit chance, estimated damage, and enemy health. In turn based games it is always nice to have more information to make decisions

The movement being locked in combat is restrictive but not necessarily a bad thing. The fact that enemies can move around me while time is stopped for me and other entities I am in combat with is weird though. I think if I was able to move away from enemies to reduce the risk that moving enemies enter combat with me it would feel like a more strategic part of the game 

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Hey man! Thanks so much for trying this out!

So, about the combat, I have actually been thinking about those same issues lately, namely:

  • the player taking turns between each enemy 
  • not knowing your exact health (and your enemy's) and your attack damage (and your enemy's)
  • not knowing your hit chance
  • your enemies not missing any attack

I will be addressing these in the next version though.

About the time not being stopped for enemies outside combat, I do think it adds to the pressure of the game. I might be wrong though.

Maybe it'd help if I just slow them down a bit... What do you think? I'll play with it next version also.

Thanks for the feedback! 

Hey there!

Build 0.1.4 is out and it addressed most of the issues you pointed out.

If you find the time to test it again I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you!

Playing version 0.1.1 and it's a good start so far.  I like the blood splatter effect when the player gets hit.

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Hey man! Thanks for playing!

Funny thing, today I've actually added the blood effect to the enemies too ;)

It'll be up on the next version, along with some new cool stuff.

No problem man, looking forward to future versions!